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Nashville Studio Bank Social Event

Humans are social creatures. Creating is more fun with others! Together, we build community. We are a bank that serves as a nexus point, bringing together people from all walks of life and different industries. Our common connection is our united membership in Studio Bank. The result is a member-focused (and very social) approach to banking.

As a member of Studio Bank, you are more than an account number. You are a part of a network. As part of that network, we provide very tangible perks and serve to empower you, your business, and your household.

The best bankers by their very nature are connectors and create value for their clients beyond transactions. Our bankers have strong networks and are deeply invested in our community. They refer business, recommend potential vendors and partners, make important connections, and so much more.

Nashville Studio Bank Social Event
And there’s more. Our members enjoy…
  • No ATM Fees (even at non-Studio ATMs)
  • Peer Learning & Subject Matter Expert Trainings
  • Member Networking Events
  • Ticket Giveaways
  • Intimate Dinners with Curated Guest Lists (You never know who you might meet!)
  • Other Studio Happenings & Social Gatherings
Man using online banking app in Nashville


Man using online banking app in Nashville

Whether running a business or a household, you have come to expect modern technology and a true banking partner to be there along the way. That’s why we’ve built a digital bank with a local presence.

In a modern economy, we need the convenience of banking on-the-go. We offer savvy technology at your fingertips. Through our online banking and app, we make banking simple and highly accessible. For those seeking a face-to-face experience, our branches offer unparalleled hospitality and personal connection.

Whether on our app or in-person, we’re proud to provide the very best banking experience.

Here’s some of what’s included…
  • Commercial mobile app with batch check deposit and ACH/Wire initiation
  • Commercial remote, online check deposit
  • Personal mobile app with check deposit and Money Manager tool
  • Personal online account opening
  • Personal account external transfers
  • Person-to-Person payments


Studio Bank Franklin Tennessee Lobby

In a community, we think people ought to practice hospitality with one another. And we’re here to do just that. In fact, we view ourselves as an extension of the hospitality industry, providing a member experience centered on welcoming and pleasing all. It’s a service mentality unlike any other bank in the Greater Nashville community.

It starts with having your very own banker, not a machine or an 800 number. In our branches, you’ll be greeted like you just walked into a 5-star hotel… With good music, great art, local coffee and treats, and creative company, Studio Bank is a place for you to conduct business, meet up with your clients, and build connections in our community.

Studio Bank Franklin Tennessee Lobby