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You might be wondering…

Am I a creator?

A studio is a place where creators do their thing. And we are the bank for Nashville’s creators. Whether you’re designing a company or creating a better life for your family, crafting a song or writing code, orchestrating social change or enhancing the quality of care, we want to collaborate with you.

We say welcome to the doers, change-makers, leaders… and even the brilliant misfits.

Business Woman and Banking Client

What does it mean to empower creators?

[Alright, this is about to get deep.]


What makes human beings uniquely human is the capacity to create something from nothing.  Our role as bankers is to empower creators with resources – whether that’s capital [‘cause it takes money to create things], education, advice, or simply safeguarding and managing your finances.  After all, those finances are fuel for and the result of creativity.

Humans are also social creatures. Creating is more fun with others!  We think a bank can serve as a unique nexus point for bringing together people from all walks of life and different industries – where they have a common connection [Studio Bank]. We want to build community. Hence, a membership-based [and very social] approach to banking.

In a community, we think humans ought to practice hospitality with one another. And we’re here to do just that [with modern technology]. In fact, we view ourselves as part of the hospitality industry, providing a member experience inspired by this high form of service.  It’s a service mentality unlike any other bank in Nashville today.

How did this get started?

Studio started like most things in Nashville, with a group of friends and a dream: What if a bank could become a force for creativity, instead of an obstacle to it? With that question in mind, we began to rethink and reinvent the typical banking experience. Fusing innovative technology with a zeal for genuine hospitality, we created a bank that is:

uncommonly modern and surprisingly human

We’re here to empower, protect, and inspire you in the things you create.

From our office on Demonbreun and through our community of members, we are relentlessly committed to the future of Nashville and its many influences beyond. Our team of veteran bankers – many of whom are entrepreneurs and artists themselves — is committed to fueling the creative ethos of our city.

Sculpter working on a clay sculpture
East Nashville mural

Studio is a boutique bank founded and located in our hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.

East Nashville mural
We provide organizations, families, and individuals with sophisticated financial services.  Deposits and loans… and a few other membership perks.

Why the French Bulldog?

From Nashville’s French roots to the social personality of the dog, our Frenchie is more than just a logo. He’s the perfect mascot to represent our brand — smart, active, adaptable, and bred to be a companion dog. French bulldogs are sophisticated but not pompous. A rare and one of a kind breed.

Variations on the Studio Bank Frenchie logo mark

Old Padlock on a Wooden Door

Can we keep a secret?

We take your privacy seriously. Seriously.

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