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New and rapidly scaling companies face unique challenges and opportunities. From startups raising capital to late-stage companies preparing for exit, our team of bankers has firsthand experience starting, raising capital for, and selling companies — both personally and as bankers for others. We understand and support the needs of our startup, tech, and entrepreneurship communities, and we cannot wait to hear what you have been working on!

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Startup, Tech, and Entrepreneurship Banking Members Enjoy:
  • Tech-First Platform: Manage all banking activities through our state-of-the-art online and mobile banking platform, including ACH, wire transfers, and multi-check deposits.
  • Easy Access 24/7:  No fees at any ATM worldwide, even non-Studio ATMs.
  • Dedicated Banker: Direct access to your dedicated banker — no 800-number call centers, chatbots, or customer service ticket submissions.
  • Founder Checking Package: A checking account designed to meet the specific needs of the entrepreneur and tech communities. Through Founder Checking, you have access to products and services typically dedicated to only the largest of companies. Details on Founder Checking can be found below.
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  • QuickBooks integration.
  • Premium interest tiers on business and money market accounts.
  • No minimum monthly balance requirements.
  • No monthly service fees.
  • Access to treasury service products –  ACH, wires, sweeps, and more.
Perfect For:

Startup Companies, Tech Companies, and Entrepreneurs.



Get to Know Your Banker:

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Phil Shmerling is an SVP, Relationship Manager at Studio Bank and the founder of angel investment fund, InCrowd Capital. Having started, raised capital for, and sold a startup technology company, Phil understands the needs of the startup, technology, and entrepreneurship communities.

Phil works closely with his clients to connect them with investors, customers, and potential employees, as well as assisting them with strategy and capital planning. Contact Phil today.

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Startups in the Studio Podcast and Blog

Phil’s Podcast

“Startups In The Studio” is a podcast that interviews successful startup founders outside of major capital centers and tells the stories of their entrepreneurial journeys. Get tips that are finally relevant to you, the entrepreneur who might not live in a community with readily available access to capital.

As your host, Phil provides experience as an angel investor, venture capitalist, and startup/technology banker. Interviews are with entrepreneurs who have raised at least $1 million in capital and that are headquartered in regions without prevalent access to capital.