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Alma Mater:

University of Missouri-Columbia

Community Engagement:

Hendersonville Home Bound Meals Program, Hendersonville Chamber of Commerce, and Nashville Networking Organization

Favorite Creators:

George Strait, Cole Swindell, and Reba McEntire

Nashville Picks:

Geist and Old Glory

Favorite Movie Line:

“Nobody puts Baby in the corner” – Dirty Dancing

Client Reviews

“Smart, Knowledgeable, Honest and Professional!”

– Melissa Collins Raymond (via Facebook)

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Blog #1: Planning to move? Here’s what you need to know.

It’s your sanctuary, your place of rest, your family’s stomping grounds. Finding and settling into the perfect home brings such a rewarding feeling, but let’s be honest: The process leading up to it is no cakewalk. There’s a lot that goes into buying a home, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a stressful experience. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can ensure the whole process goes off without a hitch. If you’re planning a move soon, be sure to consider the following things:

The Neighborhood

Before you even start looking at houses, think about the area where you want to live. Location is the one thing you can’t change, so this needs to be determined up front. Do you have kiddos? Is walkability important? How about the school district? Even if you don’t have children, buying in a good school district can help with resale down the road. Don’t forget about your work commute, either — do you need easy access to highways or public transportation? Once you’ve settled on a neighborhood, find a real estate agent who’s a specialist in that area so you can maximize your potential for finding the right home. (If you need a referral to an agent, I’m happy to provide one!)

Your Budget

Buying a home is a financial decision, and as such, budget should be a driving factor in your decision-making process. If you’re moving up, consider how your monthly payment will increase and whether you’re prepared to handle that. If you’re moving to a fixer-upper, take into account any extra expenses you’ll incur with renovations. Also, research the cost of living in the area, as well as property taxes and HOA fees. And of course, don’t forget to budget for the actual move. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to budgeting for a new home, but I can help you work through all these factors and help you line up the right financing based on your situation.